Lebron James’s Tattoos

American professional basketball player Lebron Raymone James was born on 30th of December in 1984. He plays for Miami Heat team from NBA and is also known as King James.

Lebron James info

American professional basketball player Lebron Raymone James was born on 30th of December in 1984. He plays for Miami Heat team from NBA and is also known as King James. Being in High School in Ohio he was chosen Mr. Basketball three times and there was a lot of promotion for him as future NBA star when he was in St. Vincent High School. In 2003 James was invited to play for NBA club Cleveland Cavaliers as small forward and he managed to show his talent. James hit numerous teenage record and several times was announced the best player of the year. In 2004 NBA chose him as Rookie of the Year. In seasons 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 he got the prize as the Most Valuable Player form NBA. James played in All-Star and All-NBA games in all seasons from 2005. In 2010 he signed the contract with Miami Heat. lebron james tattoos During his carrier in Cleveland Cavaliers James helped the team to reach play-off games. In 2007 his team played in final game for the first time against San Antonia Spurs in its history but lost. In 2011 James played in the final again but this time for Miami Heats. The team lost against Dallas Mavericks. James also played for the national team of the United States and has two Olympic medals: bronze in 2004 and gold in 2008.

Lebron James tatoos and their meanings info

Have you ever heard anything about famous Lebron James tattoos? Can you imagine how many tattoos decorate his body? In fact Lebron tattoos represent very interesting collection of different designs. They changed together with James basketball carrier. Even now we don’t have information about all his tattoos and all the meanings they have. It can give you an idea about how big is this collection. One of the most famous tattoos is “Chosen1” on his back. There is a legend that he was born with this tattoo, but the evidence shows that James made this tattoo after being put on the first page of Sports Illustrated. He was still in High School when he was chosen to play in professional basketball team. This is the true story of this famous Lebron James tattoo. lebron james back tattoo The first tattoo on his right arm used to be something covered with hair all over with a crown on the top. Later it transformed into the lion’s head. lebron james lion tattoo When James was in High School he had to cover his tattoos with plasters, as school policy didn’t allow wearing tattoos. lebron james plaster on arms In NBA championship James had nickname “King James”. His well-known lion’s head got two words, one above saying King and one below saying James. lebron lion tattoo On the left hand he also has few words, which are Hold My Own and Beast. lebron james arm tattoos After a while during one of the NBA games James showed to the public his new tattoo saying “Prince James”. This tattoo was dedicated to his son’s first birthday. lebron prince james tattoo It is quite difficult to see James without jersey that covers all his tattoos. However on one of the older photos we can see a small tattoo on his chest saying something like “Gifted Child”. lebron james chest tattoo In 2006 James made a new tattoo on his left leg, which says Witness. Many people think it is closely connected with Nike campaign organized after the play-off game of the season. lebron james witness tattoo Another interesting tattoo decorates right forearm of famous American basketball player. It says 330 and refers to the area code of his native town Akron. lebron james akron tattoo During his fourth season in NBA this guy made plenty of new tattoos but his right shoulder always remained clean. lebron james clean shoulder After his second play-off experience James added two letters to his left triceps: L and J. Between the games in this play-off series James with team had six days of rest. In these six days he got two new tattoos with his initials and put them on his triceps. lebron james tricep tattoos Later he added word “Gloria” to the famous lion’s head. This is name of his mother. New tattoo saying “K-J-1” appeared on his right hand. Many people see the abbreviation of King James 1.0 in it. Another small tattoo appeared on his left hand as well. lebron james gloria tattoo Later in honor of his second son Bryce Maximus James made new tattoo on his left forearm saying the name of his younger son. It happened before he joined Training Camp for national USA basketball team. lebron james tattoos arm After a while when James started his fifth season in NBA Championship he modified “Hold My Own” tattoo. He also made some changes on his left arm biceps. lebron james hold my own tattoo Another tiny tattoo appeared on his right wrist. It is so small that it is difficult to read it. lebron james wrist tattoo He also added the date of birth to the tattoo with his second son’s name. Only very attentive fans could notice this slight modification of this tattoo. lebron james forearm tattoo James started his sixth NBA season again modifying old tattoos and adding new ones. The stars circled the word beast on his left arm. Tattoo saying “Hold My Own” got some vibrant colors. lebron james left arm tattoos “Prince James” tattoo was updated as well. It got nice background with high quality graphics on it. lebron james left inner forearm tattoo Fans were taking pictures during Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 to notice any change on the body if their favorite basketball player. The lion on the chest as always attracted most if the attention. lebron james chest tattoos With the beginning of season 2009 in NBA fans could see new tattoos and modifications on the body of their basketball hero. Below the lion on the chest appeared a new tattoo saying “Family” and placed on the right side of his abdomen. On the other side of the abdomen James put one more small script saying “Honor”. Unfortunately there are no pictures of it. lebron james family tattoo As usually during the six days break before the play-off games James made new tattoo. Seems that it is good tradition for him. This time two tattoos appeared on his right and left biceps. The right arm tattoo says “What we do in life”. And the left arm tattoo continues saying “echoes in eternity”. The idea to put this tattoo appeared after watching James favorite film – Gladiator. lebron james bicep tattoo Following tradition of many years in NBA professional league James began season 2010 not only with a new pair of sport shoes but also showing a new tattoo on his left leg. This new tattoo was saying “History” and was definitely matching the right leg tattoo saying “Witness”. Now the two tattoos made a new message which is “Witness History”. lebron james history tattoo