Carmelo Anthony’s Tattoos

Carmelo Kiyan Anthony was born on May 29 in 1984. He is professional American basketball player also known under his nickname “Melo”. Currently he is playing for New York Knicks in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Info about Carmelo Anthony

He started his basketball career in high school at Towson Catholic High School and Oak Hill Academy and later continued it at Syracuse University. In the college he led the Orangemen for his first National Championship in 2003. He received the title of the Most Valuable Player of NCAA East Regional and got Most Outstanding Player award of the tournament. In 2003 after the colleague he entered NBA Draft. He played as the third pick by the Nuggets and was sold to the Knicks in 2011.

Carmelo Anthony’s tattoos pictures and their meanings info

Carmelo Anthony tattoos are not less well known as their owner. Fans and media talk quiet often about these body pictures. His body is covered with different tattoos and he is known as clutch jump shots player at Knicks with the most decorated body.

carmelo anthony tattoos


Right arm has a flaming basketball tattoo and two tellers “C A”.

carmelo anthony c a tattoo

Live Now Die Later

Next to these tattoos there is a face tattoo saying “Live Now Die Later” and contains a dagger.

carmelo anthony Live Now Die Later tattoo


Another Carmelo Anthony tattoo on the right forearm incorporates wrapped snake around a dagger.

carmelo anthony snake tattoo

Who Can I Trust

The bicep shows couple of starts and the words “Who Can I Trust”.

carmelo anthony who can i trust tattoo

Five aces and flower

More tattoos can be found here on the right hand such as a flower and five aces.

carmelo anthony arm tattoos


Sportsman’s nickname “Melo” is tattooed next to the tribal tattoo on his left arm.

carmelo anthony melo tattoo

Deck of cards

There are also bulldog and deck of playing cards tattoos on this arm.

carmelo anthony aces tattoo


Carmelo Anthony WB tattoo is made on his left elbow next to a spider web. Letters “WB” stand for West Baltimore – the place where he moved with family when he was eight and learnt how to play basketball.

carmelo anthony wb tattoo

No Struggle, no progress

Last but not least tattoos are the chest phrases. These are different saying that Carmelo tattooed in different periods of his life and career. You can find a tattoo “No Struggle, no progress” that symbolizes the period in his life when he became a star in basketball and realized that he could achieve his dream only thanks to struggling and working hard.

carmelo anthony no struggle no progress tattoo

Puerto Rican flag

Antony also has a picture of Puerto Rican flag on his right arm.

carmelo anthony puerto rican tattoo