Travis Barker’s Tattoos

Travis Landon Barker was born on November 14 in 1975 is a producer, musician and businessman. He is better known as a drummer in the American pop punk band Blink-182. He also participated in rock band +44, alternative rock band Box Car Racer and rap rock band The Transplants.

Travis claimed that he spent over 30 thousand dollars for all the tattoos he has on his body.

travis barker tattoos


One of the most significant Travis Barker tattoos is the word BONES – his nickname when he was a kid. He made this tattoo on the left leg when he was only 17 years old.

Self made

In 2000 another tattoo saying SELF MADE appeared across his knuckles.

travis barker self made tattoo


Another Travis Barker tattoo shows that he was brought up Catholic and represents a portrait of Jesus.

Praying hands

Another religious tattoo shows the hands praying and is made on the left side of his head.

travis barker head tattoo
travis barker new head tattoo

Sacred heart

One more religious Travis Barker head tattoo is a Sacred Heart.

Racing flags

Another series of tattoos reveals his great love for cars and especially Cadillacs. He has two racing flags on the neck.

travis barker neck tattoo


Next to this tattoo you can see number “66” – this is the year of Cadillac appearance.


travis barker cadillac tattoo

Cadillac emblem

On the chest there is a large tattoo representing Cadillac emblem with mud flag girls around and a pair of spark plugs below.

travis barker s tattoos

Can I say

Many of the tattoos on his body are dedicated to music. One of them is “Can I Say” tattoo, which is a name of Dag Nasty’s first album.

travis barker tattoo


There is also a microphone and a boombox tattooed right on his stomach and showing his great passion for break-dance. It was his favorite hobby as a teenager.

travis barker boombox tattoo


After his mother’s death he the word “HOPE” from the Descendants’ song, as it was the only positive thing he could see then.

travis barker hope tattoo

Cover of the album

Cover of the Descendants’ album I Don’t Want To Grow Up is another tattoo on his body.


Next to it there are musical notes and a drumstick on the right arm.

travis barker arm tattoos


Name of his first wife Melissa is tattooed on the side of the neck just next to the racing flags.


Making tribute to his family Travis tattoos several designs with the names of beloved people and a word FAMILIA on his arm.


Tattoo MOM is made on the back of his neck.


Next to it there is SHANNA incorporated in a heart.

In Memory of DJ AM

This tattoo was made after plane crash.

travis barker tattoos after crash

Rest in peace

travis barker new tattoo


travis barker monroe tattoo

He has a lot of luck emblems as he considered himself a lucky guy. Among the most popular there are: number seven, dollar sigh, a skull with number 13 in it, deck of cards, dice, a martini glass, rabbit’s root. There are also his initials and spider web made on his elbow.