Phil Anselmo’s Tattoos

Famous American musician Philip Hansen Anselmo was born on 30th of June in 1968.  He is also know as Phil from Pantera being the leader of this heavy metal band.

Phil Anselmo info

Phil has also several side projects and one of them is Down where he is a front man. This talented musician and singer founded his own record center known as Housecore Records and participates in al kind of music events and projects. phil anselmo tattoos

Phil Anselmo’s tatoos info

Besides all talents in music Phil Anselmo tattoos made him popular as well. All his body is covered with tattoos of all shapes, sizes and colors. The main focus is made on his arms. phil anselmo body tattoos
phil anselmo head tattoo His right hand is decorated with big zombie head, devil and other similar creatures. Mostly they cover the upper arm area. phil anselmo right arm tattoo
phil anselmo right hand tattoo His left hand exhibits saying “Body and Blood, Joy and Pain, Life and Death” and a skeleton. The forearm is decorated with flames and a demon both on the inner and outer side of the arm. phil anselmo left arm tattoo
phil anselmoleft hand tattoo Phil Anselmo tattoo is always an object of pride for musician and he was very kind to talk about this body art element to us.
Which of the tattoos you have is your first one?
Phil: Well my first tattoo was just one word: Philcore. It was all about my age, I was only 18 and I thought that I could do everything even walk through the walls. Probably being maximalist at this age I really could. Then everything was about core: hard core, speed core, ect. And I thought Philcore is just the right word to describe that feeling of being invincible and all mighty. Still me friends from Texas call me Core using their special accent to pronounce it. I don’t hide this tattoo because now it’s part of my history.
Where did you do this first tattoo?
His name is Randy Adams, he still works at Papa San Tattoos. That is the place I got my first tattoo. He is very nice chap I really miss him.
And which of your tattoos is the newest one?
I have so many that sometimes I don’t really remember when and what I did. I think the last piece I made is the word Lifer at the back of my neck. I did it in Australia by some obscure man. It always happens to me unexpectedly. Suddenly I have an itch and I understand that I need some ink. It’s simple/ I’ve been doing it since I was 13 and know I can see that nothing has changed. I’m still the same. My band Down has a song with this title Lifer. Every time we sing it I dedicate it to Dime Bag. You know “I’m living the life, I’m talking the talk, walking the walk” – it’s all about him. If I were to find the right picture for the word Lifer that word would be Dime Bag without any doubt.
Do you have your favorite tattoo?
No, no! I like all of them otherwise I wouldn’t do any on my body. Yeah. I like Paul Booth. You know. That was the time when people just started this tattoo fashion. They were making dragons and sailor girls and it was just the beginning. Now they do really exquisite things. But then it was simple but everyone liked it.
Do you remember the year when you joined tattooed people world?
Yeah, I did it in 1988.
Is there anything that you would never place on your body? Do you have any personal bans?
Any kind of tribal tattoos. Never! Hate those silly people with white tribal tattoos all over their body walking like they are gods. I know one football player. I hate that shot he has and is so proud of.
Once you confessed that you would never remove any of your tattoos? Do you still keep the word?
I never ever removed any of the tattoos I have but I would love to do it with the tattoo of my ex wife. Instead I just put the real face on her but I wouldn’t cry much if I removed it completely.
What about tattoos your fans have? What do you feel when you see them copying your tattoos or tattoos of other member of your band?
God, I remember that concert in Brazil. One young guy jumped on the stage and started showing me his tattoos. He has copied all I had that time on my body. It was amazing. We were playing song after song and he was around showing his hands with same tattoos as mine. I wish I hade pictures of that.
Recently one dude made tattoo of my autograph on his hand. This is something. And you know, I feel proud that these things happen. I’m serious. I know that it makes a lot of sense to me and I don’t have any right to let these people down because they are so devoted to me, my band and what we do.
Are you planning to have more tattoos? Do you have more places for them?
Of course! I never mind having one more tattoo. If Paul want s to scratch something on my and I like this idea we will do it. I have very nice fleur-de-lys for many years. It’s all about NFL football I van tell you. New Orleans Saint were my favorites no matter what they were doing I was there standing in front of TV screen and watching. I respect NFL football. My next tattoo will be “2012 NFC Champions”. Yes, that’s what I will do next. Just above my fleur-de-lys. And I will do another tattoo beyond saying “Super Bow. 44 World Champs”. It’s all about football. I swear I will do that. Now you know a little bit more about NFL football as well!