Pauly D’s Tattoos

Paul DelVecchio is an American TV star well known as DJ Pauly D. He appeared in MTV reality show Jersey Shore and became even more popular and recognizable.

Pauly D tattoos cover all his young and beautiful body. DJ fans from all over the world copy designs of his tattoos. They say he is the most copied celebrity from the point of view of tattoos. His favorite theme is everything Italian. Showing his naked beautiful body in different TV shows he bacame very popular among youth in a very short period of time. But beside all this body language Pauly is very talented DJ and can easily rock the floor when it comes to do what he is one of the best at.

pauly d tattoos

He says that his tattoos have a lot of meaning and reveal not only his personality but also his thoughts and believes about friendship, sorrow, faith and many other things.


Pauly D has a tribal tattoo across his back.

pauly d back tattoo


He also has his name printed on the lower back.

pauly d tattoo

Italian Flag

In the middle of the back you can see Italy with Italian flag incorporated in it. The map covers middle part of the back fully and is made in colored ink.

pauly d italian flag tattoo


On the left shoulder he has a tribal dragon made in gothic style with sharp edges.

pauly d dragon tattoo


Under the dragon on the left elbow you can see Pauly D star tattoo – symbol of dirty couture.

pauly d star tattoo


The right arm has a cross with the name fo his friend Billy written in it and a tombstone.

pauly d cross tattoo

Jesus and Maria

Faces of Jesus and Maria are made on the inner and outer part of the right arm.

pauly d jesus tattoo


The entire right ribs are covered with the word “Cadillac”. This is probably the most extravagant Pauly D tattoo.

pauly d cadillac tattoo Tattoos’ colors

Famous DJ has many tattoos in black and white. Only few of them are colors. For example Italian flag has green and red. There are some dark green tattoos, the rest are black. As he has tinted skin these tattoos look great on his body.

Tattoos make people go crazy

Sometimes people say that his tattoos are more famous than himself. It can be the truth but only partially. Participating in different TV shows he always takes the chance to demostrate his tattoo gallery all over his body. Tattoo “Cadillac” became popular after his appearance in Jersey Show on TV. Many fans make similar tattoos, other people simply like the tattoos and also copy them He is probably the most copied celebrity today if we speak about the tattoos. Generally his main audience are teenagers and young DJ’s and that can explain this craziness about his tattoos.

Casts’ Tattoos

Guys from Jersey show started following Pauly making different tattoos on their bodies as well. For example Ronnie made praying hands on the stomach. Vinny has Jesus on his right shoulder, that has become almost same popular as Pauly’s tattoos. On the other hand our DJ star is not going to stp with tattoos. He says that he would like to continue covering his body with interesting designs that have deep meaning for him and will show his personality to the rest.