Sylvester Stallone’s Tattoos

Sylvester Stallone is famous Hollywood actor. His full name is Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone and he was born in Italy on 6 July 1946.

Info about Sylvester Stallone.

During his fantastic career in American movie Sly Stalllone accomplished not only as an actor but also as moviemaker, director, screenwriter and even painter. His most famous roles are action movie heroes. Two most well known Hollywood characters are without any doubt boxer Rocky Balboa and soldier John Rambo. In both roles Stallone plays macho with very strong character. Both heroes appeared in series of movies and make Stallone really famous all over the world. sylvester stallone tattoos

Sylvester Stallone tattoos pictures and their meanings info.

Is it new fashion trend for old heroes to get tattoos all over the body? Is it the next step to define the age and the fact that they are still popular? Or are they accomplished and secure enough not to think what others may say about their tattoos? In any case Rocky aka Rambo has got some tattoos and you are welcome to find out more about Sylvester Stallone tattoos. The right shoulder of Hollywood actor has significant well-seen portrait of his third wife Jennifer Flavin. This Sylvester Stallone tattoo was made by Mike DeVries, famous for his portrait tattoos in July 2007 in MD Tattoos, Northridge, California. Around the portrait with wife’s face there are three roses of different colors: red, gold and purple. These flowers symbolize their daughters: Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet. All three have as their middle name Rose. 65-year-old actor confessed that he decided to tattoo his wife’s portrait in honor of their tenth wedding anniversary. It took 25 hours of chair sitting to get this tattoo done. Initially shoulder tattoo grew to the full sleeve tattoo. Later the actor added chest panel (2007) and a tiger (2008). sylvester stallone wife on right arm tattoo The last and the most exciting of all Stallone tattoos is presented on the photo. This tattoo appeared in his fresh movie “The Expendables” where he performed as an actor and director. It’s an action movie where he co-starred with Jet Li, 50 Cent, Jason Statham, Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke and Arnold Schwarzenegger in a cameo. The entire tattoo was made for the movie and none of the inks are fake. This tattoo covered short sleeves on both hands and chest panel. sylvester stallone expendables tattoo Mario Barth made the left arm tattoo. The new tattoo represents eyes on the chest with some busy background that expands over the shoulder. The design was made up in cooperation with an actor. One of the Las Vegas newspapers reported that Stallone was seen in Starlight Tattoo, Mandalay bay, Las Vegas. On the official website of the tattoo studio you can see photos of Mario Barth working on Stallone tattoo. sylvester stallone left arm tattoo
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