Soulja Boy’s Tattoos

DeAndre Cortez Way was born on July 28 in 1990 is a famous American rapper known as Soulja Boy or Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. He is also a record producer, actor and entrepreneur.

He became famous after his single Crank That reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in September 2007. Initially this single appeared in Internet. Later it became number-one hit in the United States after being on the top for seven weeks consecutively. In August 2007 Forbes ranked Soulja Boy number 18 in the list of the most influential Hip-Hop Kings with earning over 7 million dollars during that year.

This talented young rapper released his first independent album in 2007 and it was RIAA certified this album as platinum. His next albums iSouljaBoyTellem released in 2008 and The DeAndre Way in 2010 didn’t have same commercial success and were sold in amount of one hundred copies. Though certain singles from these albums were very successful. These singles are: Kiss Me Thru the Phone” and “Turn My Swag On” (iSouljaBoyTellem) and “Pretty Boy Swag” (The DeAndre Way).

In 2011 the young rapper made a documentary movie about himself named Soulja Boy: The Movie. It was released in October.

Now the rapper is working on his next album (the fourth in his career) and the original title of the album is Promise. The planned date of release is Summer 2012.

soulja boy face tattoos

Soulja Boy tattoos make another interesting side of his personality. Despite being so young he has plenty of tattoos all over the body. He has tattoos from toes to his head. It takes time to explore all of them besides each tattoo has very special and deep meaning. Here are the top five tattoos:


This tattoos is made on the right side abdomen. It represents only the name without a “boy” part. The font is black italics. This tattoo shows that this name is more than just a stage name for the rapper it means much more than that. This is the first tattoo on his body and it represents the lifestyle he chooses and the person he wants to be.

soulja boy tattoo

Money Sign

This tattoo looks like a money symbol or dollar symbol. It reveals the main purpose of the person who makes it to make money to live for many and to have it by any means. This idea can be seen in many songs by Soulja. The tattoo is black and slightly decorated. This Soulja Boy is made on the neck where all the most important and valuable for the artist tattoos are.

soulja boy neck tattoos

The World Is Mine

Another well-known tattoo represents a saying “The World is Mine”. This saying is tattooed across the chest and is made in black ink and italic font. This more than just a saying form the famous song it is lifestyle and point of view of the young rapper. He strongly believes that with musical talent and style he can do everything.

soulja boy chest tattoo


Another Soulja Boy face tattoo is made behind the right ear and represents a pair of lips. The lips are huge and outlines in black with shaded edges. Inside of the tattoo is colored pink and red. The lips are a little bit opened and the space in between is not colored, the natural skin color can be seen.

soulja boy lips tattoo


This tattoo goes across the neck in the front. It is a huge image of a hawk with opened wings. The wings are spread all over the neck. The tattoo is very details and probably the most perfectly done on the star body. Giant letter “S” can be seen in the middle of the hawk’s head. This letter stands for Soulja. The tattoo is made with a lot of details mostly in black color. The design is really intricate.

soulja boy hawk tattoo
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