Johnny Depp’s Tattoos

John Christopher Depp II was born on June 9 in 1963. He is world famous American actor better known as Johnny Depp. After his appearance in television series 21 Jump Street in 1980s he became an idol for teenagers. He was not really happy with his status and decided to play more challenging roles. One of the first significant roles was Edward Scissorhands in 1990. The next brilliant works were: Sleepy Hollow in 1999, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005 and Rango in 2011. And of course his brilliant acting in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series should be mentioned. In 2012 he also collaborated with Tim Burton on the film Dark Shadows.

Not only his roles in the movie but also Johnny Depp tattoos deserve special attention.

johnny depp tattoos

Silence Exile Cunning

This Johnny Depp tattoo appeared in 2008 after MTV movie awards. It represents a quote from the book “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” written by James Joyce. This quote is taken from the context that has great meaning and special deep understanding by American actor. It says that he is not going to serve something he doesn’t believe in anymore. He will try to express himself freely in the art or way of living. And the only thing he would let himself using to achieve this goal are: silence, exile, and cunning. That is a brief meaning of this short phrase.

johnny depp tattoo

Head of Native American

This is the first Johnny Depp’s tattoo and it represents the head of Cherokee Indian, which is made on his right bicep. It is a symbol of ancestral heritage. In 1983-84 it was a verboten in Hollywood to make tattoos and that was the time I starting making them – confessed the actor. He was only 17 when he got this tattoo.

johnny depp indian tattoo

Skull with Crossbones

This tattoo is made on the lower right leg from the outside. Below the skull you can see a saying “death is certain.

johnny depp black flag tattoo


Another skull tattoo is made on the inside part of the right arm. This tattoo was made in August 2010 at the Voices for Justice concert in Arkansas.

johnny depp skull tattoo

Betty Sue and Heart

Betty Sue is his mother’s name. This name is incorporated in a heart on the upper left arm. It has some additional tribal flourishing around. The actor made this tattoo in 1988.

johnny depp betty sue tattoo

Wino Forever

This original tattoo with the name of his girlfriend at that time was dedicated to Winona Ryder. When Johnny made this tattoo on the upper right arm it was saying “Waynona forever”. Later it was transformed in “Wino forever”.

johnny depp winona tattoo

The Brave Symbol

In 1998 he made another tattoo on the inside part of his right arm. This tattoo represents a symbol form the film The Brave.

johnny depp s tattoos

Jack and Flying Bird

This is a memory about one of the most important films in his life – Pirates of the Caribbean. In The Curse of the Black Pearl his character had similar tattoo. Johnny changed it a little bit by making the bird fly towards him and adding his son’s name.

johnny depp sparrow tattoo


One of the latest tattoos was made in 2011 in August. It represents the pic coming from a Card game called “Rook” and is made on the left lower arm straight below the Salve Ogum tattoo. However the actor changed 2 into 3 on the Rock card.

depp tattoos

Three rectangles

This little tattoo is made on the index finger of the right hand and is considered a “permanent phone doodles” by the actor.

johnny depp finger tattoo

Number ’3′

Giving the interview to the Young Flix Magazine in April 1996 Johnny commented this tattoo in the following way: “Three is a very special number for me. First of all I consider it a creative number. When two people make another person or trinity, triangle – everything refers to number three. At the same time this number is magical or even mystical.” In another interview he confessed that he put this tattoo together with his friend when they were bored. The same tattoo appears on the neck of Vanessa Paradis’ sister Allison. It is interesting to notice that similar number three appears in the film credits of the Brave.

johnny depp new tattoos

Salve Ogum

As it was mentioned above this tattoo is made on the left arm. Word “Ogum” is an Afro-American deity. Salve” in Portuguese/Latin means “save”. They say that the layout of the tattoo Johnny made by himself. In 2010 Jonathan Shaw made this tattoo to Johnny when they spent time together in Hawaii.

tattoos of johnny depp


This is the name of actor’s daughter Lily-Rose Melody and wears this name next to his heart. Each letter of the name is made up of rosebuds. The tattoo looks amazing.

johnny depp tattoos 2012


This tattoo representing a question mark is a part of The Brave symbol. The tattoo is made on the inside of the right ankle.

johnny depp new tattoo

Inverted Triangle

This tattoo appears over the heart where his mother’s name is tattooed. The original design of this tattoo was made in 1925 by Russian painter Ilya Chasnik. The video of this art was to embrace art with workers. The movement arranged different public art projects. The actor has a photo next to the original picture with this image.

johnny depp inverted triangle tattoo

Gonzo Fist

The Gonzo Fist tattoo appeared in 2010 while Johnny was filming in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in Hawaii. This tattoo was made on the front par of his left shin. Couple of days later few words were added to this tattoo.

johnny depp gonzo fist tattoo

Three Hearts

This tattoo appeared in March 2009 when Johnny was taking part in The Rum Diary film in Puerto Rico. This tattoo represents actor’s family: his wife Vanessa and two kids. Seems that two hearts of his daughter and son are attached to each other.

johnny depp three hearts tattoo

Sailor and Waitress

Shamrock Social club on the Sunset Boulevard gave Johnny two more tattoos in 2009. Sailor represents his grandfather and is made on the right arm. On the left arm we can see a waitress representing his mother (she worked in Holiday Inn). They say making these tattoos took quiet a lot of time.

johnny depp sailor tattoo
johnny depp waitress tattoo

3 small dots

The inside part of his left ankle contains three little dots, which appeared while Johnny was filming for Pirates of the Caribbean-The Curse of the Black Pearl. And again – number three is a lucky number for the actor.

johnny depp dots tattoo

Brother (Theban)

It is a circle that means in Theban alphabet word “brother”. The actor made this tattoo in Japan when he was presenting there the Dark Shadows movie.

There is anther word there but it is difficult to understand what does it mean. It might me “Tim” referring to Tim Burton. It is made in some kind of alternated runes.

johnny depp theban tattoo


Shamrock Social Club gave Johnny more than only one tattoo. In 2011 another body art element appeared on the body of the famous actor. He had a large tattoo that represents a quote of the site I Ching divination. The meaning is the following: Hsiao Ch’u – Taming Force and Wind over Heaven. His friend Damien Echols made the same tattoo but of a larger size.

The meaning of the quote is very deep as all the sayings tattooed on Johnny Depp’s body. This one means being focus on the long-term purpose. It teaches not to look for quick short-term success but to be patient and work hard in order to gain real success in the future and forever. It cultivates tolerance, adaptability and tolerance.

johnny depp ching tattoo

Harley Davidson Skeleton Key

One of the last tattoos made on the body of the actor. The date when this tattoo appeared in actor’s life is April 11th, 2012. Fans saw this tattoo for the first time when Johnny was performing at the Golden Gods awards with Marilyn Manson. It incorporates Harley Davidson key performed in an antic way.

johnny depp harley davidson tattoo

No Reason

On the right inner wrist you can see words “no reason”. By the way Marilyn Manson has similar tattoo. This is also a name of one of his songs. This is what The Rolling Stones magazine wrote about it:

When the actor was asked what motivated him to put “no reason” he said there was no reason. It is so simple and complex at the same time. If you want to know the reason – there is no reason. Just did it.

johnny depp no reason tattoo

Little Guitarist

Not so much information is available about this tattoo. It was made in 2012 in June. The tattoo is situated on the upper left arm.

johnny depp little guitarist tattoo

Les Fleurs du Mal (unconfirmed)

Nobody has seen this tattoo except for Darryl Sterdan from the Toronto Sun. He wrote that he saw this tattoo and even described it a little bit. He also said that Manson and Depp have similar tattoos and this one is from the same series. They say that making similar tattoos proves their long-term friendship. The tattoo itself represents a tree and a skeleton.

johnny depp les fleurs du mal tattoo

Inverted Z (flash)

Last but least tattoo in the collection of well-known Hollywood actor is inverted letter “Z” or “N” on his left hand. The tattoo looks like a big flash. The actor demonstrated this tattoo when he became a member of Comanche Indian tribe. The zigzag is a common tribal symbol and it symbolizes the movement upon mother earth (straight horizontal line) and connection with father sky.

The central element of this inverted letter “Z” represents the path of soul; this is the way the spirit takes. The incline of the central line has its special meaning. If the middle line goes to the right – it symbolizes the forces that move the spirit: passion that makes us choosing particular path in this life. Top and bottom horizontal lines symbolize the earth and the sky. All together the tattoo represents the way we make during our life from the earth to the sky. It also indicates the existence of life up in the sky. The Indians believe that we live two lives – one on the earth and another one in the sky.

johnny depp inverted z tattoo