Chester Bennington’s Tattoos

American actor, musician and singer Chester Charles Bennington was born on 20th of March in 1976. This songwriter and singer is more famous as vocalist and leader of Linkin Park, American rock band.

Chester Bennington info

This singer became really famous after first Linkin Park album release in 2000, which was titled Hybrid Theory and had tremendous success. Hybrid Theory has reached the status of Diamond disc and was announced the best seller of the decade thanks to great number of discs sold in his first year. As the continuation of the band’s success there were later albums: Meteora in 2003, Minutes to Midnight in 2007 and A Thousand Sun in 2007. In 2005 Chester organized his own band as a separate project. First album release had a great success in 2009. chester bennington tattoos

Chester Bennington’s tatoos and their meanings info

But this talented singer and actor is famous not only for the songs, his pride and hobby for many years are tattoos. He has many colorful tattoos with unique design that cannot be found anywhere else. He has one of the most exquisite tattoos in the whole rock band society and can be really proud of it. Some of his tattoos look really wacky but it doesn’t stop him from adding more new state-of-art pictures on his body. If you want to see the real beauty of Chester Bennington tattoos you should see them with your own eyes. Among these tattoos are some really strange and bold one like aliens. Not every person would dare to put something similar on his body however Chester is really fond of them. His right forearm is decorated with red and blue fire flames coming out from the depth of nowhere and this tattoo can be considered one of the best forearm tattoos ever. The tattoo itself looks striking and blue color makes it even more unique and memorable. The flames are coming out of the wrist of each hand and go through half of the arm. Both hands of the singer have similar red and blue flames coming out of the wrist. chester bennington right forearm tattoo The best Chester Bennington tattoo is situated on his back. Actually there are two main tattoos from the whole body collection. One of these famous tattoos is an alien that you won’t find anywhere else but on this back and another one is the name of the band – Linkin Park. The alien takes all upper part of the back. It has four hands, two legs and is done only in black. The name of the band takes the rest of the back and is quiet big. The letters are old English style and bold. These two words are 4 inched high and 6 inches wide. chester bennington back tattoos
chester bennington alien back tattoo The chest tattoo is not very big and is represented by a rose with couple of banners above and beyond. All banner contain several letters that look like initials: IB, JMB, DSB, TLB and CB TB. Many experts consider that these are the initials of very close members of the family. chester bennington chest tattoo Both arms of the singer are fully covered with different tattoos. 3 tattoos decorate the left hand. There is a water background for big Koi fish that is done in many vibrant colors. It perfectly matches with red and blue flames that come out of the wrist. Elbow is covered with several butterflies that circle it. chester bennington right hand tattoo Right hand of the singer has even greater amount of tattoos. There are two tattoos on the right elbow: spider web and skull with diamond eyes. Another Koi fish is sitting on his right bicep symmetrically to the left hand one. There are several flower peddles around it. All the tattoos on the hands and other parts of the body are colored except for the big tattoo on the back.