Bam Margera’s Tattoos

Bam Margera or Brandon Cole Margera was born on 28 September 1979. He is professional American skateboarder. He also appeared on TV and radio, even in the movie.

Info about Bam Margera.

He made series of videos under the brand CKY and was drifted in MTV Jackass crew. He also launched Viva La Bam and Bam’s Unholy Union shows on MTV. He co-wrote and directed together with Minghags and Haggard. bam margera tattoos When he was only 13 he appeared on the national scene and became recognized for his creative and wild skating style. He featured skaters, stunts, and pranks in a series of CKY videos about the street sports. All videos were made in his hometown Chester in Pennsylvania. Success of the featured CKY videos and his personal charisma and on-screen image created good platform for his future MTV shows “Jackass”, |”Jackass, The Movie” and “Viva La Bam”. Besides his skateboarding career he is heavily involved in music industry and directed several music videos. He also has a show “Radio Bam” on Sirius Satellite Radio and CD/DVD series “Viva La Bands”. Being very creative and talented Bam proved that he could bring something new to television, movie and music industry.

Pictures and information about Bam Margera’s tattoos.

In addition to his TV and radio shows, CD/DVD series and music video he is famous for his tattoos. Here are some of the Bam Margera tattoos: 1 – Word “LOVE” together with Robert Indiana sculpture tattoo is placed on his left wrist bam margera love tattoo 2 – Left inner forearm has a portrait tattoo 3 – Very important Bam Margera tattoo – the word “CKY” can be found on his right forearm. bam margera cky tattoo 4 – Another tattoo on the right forearm – “Where is the justice” 5 – Tattoo done by Kat Von D – another portrait situated on the right arm bam margera portrait tattoo 6 – On the right shoulder you can find Ryan Dunn Tribute portrait tattoo bam margera ryan dunn tattoo 7 – Lower stomach has the “Heartagram” tattoo presented by the music band HIM bam margera stomach tattoo 8 – Tattoo that represents a skull is situated on the left arm 9 – Tattoo with heart design can be found on the right hand wrist bam margera heart tattoo 10 – Another interesting tattoo is stretching from the left side of the chest to the lower stomach and represents a classic vine bam margera vine tattoo 11 – On the knuckles we can see a “Book Worm” tattoo bam margera book worm tattoo As you see from the list above Bam has great collection of tattoo on his body. Each tattoo has its special meaning. Although among his tattoos there some joke tattoos as “Book Worm” on the knuckles. The majority part of his tattoos however has serious meaning for their owner. Tattoos that show his love for the HIM music band or his affection for CKY are of great importance for Bam. The latest tattoo is tribute portrait of his deceased friend Ryan Dunn. bam margera body tattoo
bam margera left forearm tattoo
bam margera chest tattoo
bam margera tattoos pics