Kreayshawn’s Tattoos

Natassia Gail Zolot was born on September 24 in 1989. Young American rapper and video director is more famous under her stage name kreayshawn, which is based on the word “creation”. Her popular single Gucci, Gucci appeared in the top charts in 2011. Billboard ranked young singer number 34 in the Social 50 chart in August 2011.

Despite her young age the rapper-girl has many tattoos on her body. Many of Kreayshawn tattoos refer to cartoons and food. There is one that incorporates both – it’s a Mickey Mouse hamburger tattoo.

kreayshawn tattoos

On the right hand we can see many of these tattoos made in color ink. Young refer confessed that right arm is a collection kind of youthful tattoos. When she becomes older she plans to cover the left arm with tattoos as well but those would be absolutely different designs.

Tattoos on wrist and hand

Telephone dial pad

Kreayshawn tattoo of a telephone dial pad is made on her right hand with three digits on each finger. She claims that was her bright idea and one she decided to make in ink because she was sure that nobody had anything similar. The same day she went to a tattoo salon and made the tattoo. Being a creative person it seems to be natural to do things like that.

kreayshawn telephone dial pad tattoo

Another tattoo on her left arm is pink diamond and word Libra next to it, as she was born on September 24 and her zodiac sign is Libra.

kreayshawn diamond tattoo

Both index fingers of the girl have teardrops. The choice of index fingers is obvious – these are the fingers to wipe the tears off.

kreayshawn teardrops tattoo

Rapper also has a picture of green alien on her right hand.

kreayshawn alien tattoo

Tattoos on the sleeve

Mouths with bat wings

Flying mouse with bat wings can be found on the right shoulder. The tattoo has a black outline and it seems that it was supposed to be color in but till know young female rapper didn’t do anything with it.

kreayshawn mouths with bat wings tattoo

Another tattoo on the upper arm is dedicated to a friend who died. It represents a character that looks like Goofy from Disney cartoon. She says her friend was a bit like this cartoon hero and that was the main reason why she tattooed this image.

kreayshawn goofy tattoo
Don’t Panic

On the inner arm you can see words “Don’t Panic” but originally it was a name of her best friend Delila. When they stopped the friendship she decided to hide tattoo with something different.

kreayshawn don't panic tattoo
Sailor Moon

On the outside of the arm there is a Sailor Moon tattoo. The rapper believes that Sailor Moon story is pretty much like her childhood.

kreayshawn sailor moon tattoo
Fried chicken

Fried chicken drumstick with a bite out of it is tattooed above the elbow.

Kreayshawn Fried Chicken Tattoo
Hamburger with Mickey Mouse inside

A hamburger with Mickey Mouse inside can be found inside the right elbow. The original idea belongs to Joshua Agerstrand but in his version Mickey mouse is in the cheeseburger. As the young rapper likes both: food and Disney she decided to tattoo this picture but with a slight change – as she likes burger Mickey Mouse was put in a hamburger. Though she recognized that would never eat that kind of burger.

kreayshawn hamburger tattoo
My Mind Exploded

Along a side of her right forearm there is a saying “My Mind Exploded”.

kreayshawn my mind exploded tattoo

Mother name “Elka” is written on the right elbow. Mother of this young rapper is Elka Zolot. She used to be a guitarist in the punk band The Trashwomen. She had Kreayshawn at a very young age and grew her up alone. There are two knives crossed above it.

kreayshawn elka tattoo

Orange creamsicle with a bite out of it is on the inner side of the right forearm. There is also a pink banner with a Japanese cartoon character and two teeth next to it.

kreayshawn creamsicle tattoo
Daisy duck

One more Disney cartoon hero is tattooed on the right arm – it is daisy duck with a pistol.

kreayshawn daisy duck tattoo
Hello Kitty

Sugar skull version of Hello Kitty in a Día de los Muertos style appears on the right wrist. The Kitty has sacred heart on the forehead and the diamond in her hair.

kreayshawn hello kitty tattoo

Tattoos on her body


A red bow can be found on the collarbone. As she tried to do it by herself looking in the mirror it was a little bit of disaster at the beginning. She confessed that when she made an outline it was very good but that something went wrong. In a minute she fixed what she had done and now it looks pretty much normal.

kreayshawn bow tattoo

Another tattoo saying “RV1DXR5″ in a drippy font was added as a tribute to her hometown football team. She did this tattoo in November 2011.

kreayshawn RV1DXR5 tattoo
I’m s

On both hips there are writings. The one on the right hip is a bit unclear and all you can read is “I’m s”.

kreayshawn i'm s tattoo
Teddy bear

Tattoo on the left hip is cartoon teddy bear.

Lady holding a cat

An outline of a lady holding a cat appears on the left side. But this tattoo is not finished and the singer claims that she has no time for it though the tattoo should finished in order to look nice. As she explains – she loves cats, that is how the idea of this tattoo came to her head.

Tattoos on the neck

Her first tattoo with an ice cream cone appeared on the left side of her neck. She confessed that she decided to make this tattoo when she was in a tattoo shop with her sister, And while her sister was doing her tattoo she also managed to get one. She was really surprised when they agreed to make a tattoo to a 15 year-old-girl. This tattoo is the oldest and it looks different form the rest. Generally all the tattoos are bright and this one is weathered. However it is a good memory about the times when everything started. On the opposite side of the neck there is a Mickey glove. There is also a saying on the backside of the neck.

kreayshawn neck tattoo