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An English girl Cher Lloyd (born 28 July 1993) gained fame as a singer. She started in The X Factor, and by the 4th series became popular. Soon after that the singer signed a contract with Sony Music subsidiary Syco Music.

Cher Lloyd info

In June 2011 his 1st single “Swagger Jagger” appeared, but, regardless of some criticism, got the 1st and the 2nd prizes in the UK and Irish Singles Chart. The second single of the promising star “With Ur Love” was produced on 31 October, and was quite a success, and became more popular than the debut one. The 1st album Sticks + Stones that followed it was the #1 in the UK Albums Chart. cher lloyd tattoos

Cher Lloyd’s tattoos and their meanings info

Despite her young age the star has already decorated a large area of her body. Cher lloyd tattoos just prove her statement about her body being all covered with them. When taking part in X-Factor show, the girl have already had 3 body adornments, and at that time she was of 16 years old, which, actually, is illegal in the UK. Now the amount of tattoos makes 19, and she is in the process of having more done. The young singer likes them a lot, as she admits. As for the Cher Lloyd tattoo she likes most, the girl doesn’t have one, as she loves them all. Some people don’t like her look, but the celebrity is confident about her skin décor. She is sure to have no regrets about any of the tattoos she has. Similarly, the perspective of having an old body with decorated skin doesn’t frighten her much. The star believes that soon the times will come when the skin artwork is in fashion, and everyone would want to have their bodies tattooed.

Right arm

The sign ‘Bosillo lleno de sueños’ adorning her right arm means ‘pocketful of dreams’ in Spanish, and the phrase itself originates in Alicia Keys’ song “Empire State Of Mind (Part II).” The singer’s boyfriend said that she doesn’t know a word in Spanish, and she liked the look of the words and the song.

cher lloyd right arm tattoo

The next sign on her skin was a small question mark on the right wrist, which appeared in January 2011. cher lloyd right wrist tattoo A couple of new skin decorations appeared 2 months later, one of them is devoted to her uncle Edward ‘Boo Boo’ Smith, who died of an accidental overdose in 2010 at the age of 34. This is a bird flying out of a cage. Cher’s right forearm has a bird carrying a ribbon with the word ‘Boo’, and the same place on her left arm has a birdcage with an open door. On her uncle’s birthday the singer twitted a message, saying that she missed her uncle, and posted a picture with the body artwork. cher lloyd forearms tattoos A peace sign appeared at the same spot on her body where the question mark was in March 2011. cher lloyd right wrist peace tattoo In May 2011 some butterflies were added to the depictions of the bird, peace sign, and question mark, thus forming a kind of a sleeve. cher lloyd right forearm butterflies tattoo

Left arm

The title of her mother’s favorite song ‘All that you have is your soul’ by Tracy Chapman is also present on the girl’s arm. The star admits that this is a tribute to her mother. Just after leaving the X-Factor the girl said that she was going to get a lyric from her mum’s favorite song ‘All that you have is your soul’ tattooed on her wrist. But, because of the length of the quotation she had to cover her arm instead. cher lloyd left arm tattoo The side of the celebrity’s arm has a sign “You are my sunshine / My only sunshine”, which is probably about her fiancé Craig Monk, as these words were tweeted to him some months later. cher lloyd you are my sunshine tattoo There’s one more body decoration the singer has – it’s a small ‘C’ inside a heart, and it’s, of course, devoted to her beloved boyfriend Craig. cher lloyd left hand heart tattoo One more skin design was added to the other in July 2011, and this is on her upper arm. The ornament represents a sugar skull. There’s a diamond on the forehead of the skull, and red hearts inside its eyes. There’s also one gold tooth in its mouth. cher lloyd left hand skull tattoo One of the latest tattoos on the star’s wrist is a crying eye, and the space between it and the cage is decorated with swirls. cher lloyd left wrist eye tattoo

Hands and fingers

The singer’s left hand has a treble clef and tiny music notes around it. Cher’s X-Factor mentor Cheryl Cole used to have a similar ornament. cher lloyd treble clef tattoo There’s a symbol of her success on the X-Factor pictured on her right hand between her thumb and index finger – a diamond, which appeared in January 2011. cher lloyd diamond tattoo In March 2011 she expressed her love for her dad putting the “Daddy” sign on her right hand. There’s also a small red heart next to the letter D. cher lloyd right arm daddy tattoo There’s another red heart on Cher’s skin – on the ring finger on her left hand. Traditionally, this is the finger on which men and women wear wedding rings, and this might denote the love for her future husband. Anyway, this is undisclosed, as the girl hasn’t mentioned this sign. cher lloyd heart finger knuckle tattoo On the right hand she has a bow on the knuckle of the ring finger. cher lloyd finger knuckle bow tattoo The star has “SHH…” on the inside of her right index finger. In fact, the tattoo first was made by Rihanna and later copies by Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen appeared. The sign is supposed to be shown when you hold your finger to your lips to shush someone, but the singer’s sign is only seen when she’s singing and holding a mic. cher lloyd finger shh tattoo


The star’s lower back has the oldest sign “I’ve got a big ribbon, like a bow”, which actually can’t be seen too much, but still you can notice it in the “Swagger Jagger” music video. cher lloyd beck tattoo The most recent noticeable skin adornment was spotted on the star’s ankle at the Brit Awards in February 2012, and it’s a stick figure. cher lloyd stick figure ankle tattoo And here are view videos about Cher Lloyd tattoos. We hope you will enjoy them.