Dianna Agron’s Tattoos

Dianna Elise Agron  was born on April 30, 1986, and is a famous American actress as well as a singer, director, producer, screenwriter, and model. The most popular characters she portrayed are Quinn Fabray on the television series Glee, and Sarah Hart in I Am Number Four.

Dianna Agron info

The actress was brought up in San Antonio, Texas and San Francisco, California. Her parents are Mary and Ronald S. Agron, a general manager of Hyatt hotels. In fact, her father’s family is originally from Russia, and the original surname is Agronsky, but it was altered by Ellis Island officials. Her parents belong to different confessions – Jewish and Judaism. The actress has been taking dance classes since she was 3 years old, and as a teenager she started teaching career in dance. When she was 9, she and her family moved to California. dianna agron

Dianna Agron’s tatoos and their meanings info

One of Dianna Agron tattoos depicts a line “Mary had a little lamb” on the left ribcage. Actually, some people think that the actress is obsessed with lambs but she explains that these words mean a lot to her because her mother’s name was Mary and her nickname is “little lamb”. So, it’s a memory reminding of her mother, the actress stressed the importance of the nickname naming her Twitter account @alittlelamb. The Dianna Agron tattoo is a single line and is written in an unexceptional font. A lot of her fans would like to have such a sign, and, of course, those who have a friend or a relative named Mary. dianna agron tattoo There are more tattoos on her left wrist – these are a couple of small hearts containing letters inside them. dianna agron wrist tattoo