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Cher, or Cherilyn Sarkisian, was born on May 20, 1946 and is famous for her acting, singing, directing, producing talents, she is also an American television personality and philanthropist.

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Her awards are truly numerous; they include an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globes and many other awards during her acting, singing and TV career period. The Goddess of Pop is the only one person possessing all the received awards. Her career started from a position of a backing vocals singer, and then proceeded to the project called Sonny & Cher. Their most significant song is “I Got You Babe”,1965. Eventually, she began singing on her own, and starred in the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour variety show, for that she got a Golden Globe. In 1983 she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Silkwood. Her next works in movies were the characters in Mask, The Witches of Eastwick, and Moonstruck. The role in the latter won the Academy Award for Best Actress of 1987. cher

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Cher always wanted to have a tattoo, but when she was in high school in 1980s the adults didn’t take her intentions seriously, and usually laughed at her replies. She says that at those times people didn’t know that a skin adornment might be something different than simply a person’s name. The star have proved to all of us that she will do whatever she’ll want to, and this is especially true about her looks. She’s been changing considerably during the years. Back in the Sonny&Cher times she used to have very long hair, and then she did plastic surgery on her nose, which was quite a surprise for her fans. Moreover, she was among the first stars to adorn their skin. The most famous cher tattoo is, of course, the floral ornament covering her nates. This comprises the butterfly and flowers, and the decoration was made by Bob Roberts at Sunset Tattoo in 1972 in LA. The concert costumes of 80s showed these tattoos perfectly. In 1991 during one of the David Letterman shows which the diva attended together with her former colleague Sonny Bono, Mr. Letterman was faced with these flowers during the performance of the duo. The music video “If I Could Turn Back Time” shows these skin ornaments perfectly, as the costume made of mesh lets almost all of her body be visible. So, if you didn’t have the chance to take a close look at the star’s body adornments, this video can satisfy your curiosity. Another one of Cher tattoos is a large flowing necklace, depicted along her left arm. There are three charms hanging on the necklace: an Egyptian ankh, a cross and a heart. This skin picture was, probably, made by Jill Jordan, a tattoo artist from LA. There are, also, some smaller ornaments on the diva’s body. The sign of strength in kanji covers her right shoulder, there’s a cluster of Art Deco-like crystals adorning her inner right arm, as well as a picture of a black orchid above her right thigh, and chrysanthemum ornamenting her left ankle. cher right forearm tattoo
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cher ankle tattoo Now the word-famous singer, according to the media reports, is in the process of erasing the tattoos from her skin. The recent shows’ photos prove that she’s getting rid of the small-sized ornaments, as the pictures where the star’s skin can be seen show that there are blank spaces on the spots where the adornments used to be. In fact, the celebrity is preparing to go through a course of laser treatments in the following years’ period; laser removal is a very time-consuming process, and some of her skin decorations are pretty complicated, so it’ll definitely take a lot of time. It’s recommended to have a look at Cher’s body artwork now, while most of it is still present on her skin.